The Covenant of Mayors welcomes all levels of governance, as well as relevant supporting organisations, agencies and associations, to join the initiative and help fast-track local climate and energy action. See below for more details on how you can join.

Covenant Coordinators can commit to support signatories within their geographical scope in many different ways including promotion of the Covenant of Mayors, technical and/or financial support to develop and implement Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, networking activities involving the Covenant signatories.

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Who is eligible

Provinces, regions, ministries, metropolitan areas, groupings of local authorities… Any public authority that officially commits to providing strategic guidance, financial and technical support to Covenant signatories will be officially recognized as a Covenant Coordinator.

Should you require further clarifications, please contact the Covenant Coordinators Helpdesk at


List of Coordinators

How to join

To register as an official Covenant Coordinator your organisation should go through the following steps:


Step 1

Sign the official adhesion form for Covenant Coordinators and fill in the registration form online

Step 2

After confirmation of eligibility, complete and sign the commitment statement sent by the Covenant of Mayors Office 

Step 3

Upon reception of the signed commitment statement, the Covenant of Mayors Office will create an online profile for your administration. It will allow you to actively participate in the Covenant of Mayors community and help you better support your associated signatories.

Why join

The advantages of becoming Covenant Coordinator are manifold: 

When to join

Covenant Coordinators can join the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and
Energy at any time via the registration form found to the right on this