• 12 Feb 2019

    Mayor of Lapperanta highlights the importance of cities networks for the creation of new partnerships

    Mayor Kimmo Jarva, from the Covenant city Lappeenranta, spoke during the EU Industry Days last week highlighting the role of the Covenant of Mayors and other city networks in the creation of new partnerships.


    “ Covenant of Mayors and other networks give us a possibility to share ideas, get new perspectives and to find partners for future cooperation.”

    Lappeenranta is a city in south eastern Finland. It developed from a military base to one of Finland's economic centre. This Covenant city was able to cut CO2 emissions by 40% so far, thanks to the use of carbon neutral electricity in all of its departments and affiliated companies, but also doing improvements in mobility services, energy efficiency efforts in buildings and recycling. Lappeenranta aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% from the 2007 to 2030.

    During his intervention, the Mayor highlighted how Lappeenranta promoted industrial value chains in close cooperation with local businesses as well as research institutions: “The importance of Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) cannot be overstated. It has unique mixture of sustainable technology and business research…As a city, we receive a continuous flow of new ideas from LUT”


    Thanks to its action in this field, the city recently experienced an increase of foreign direct investment. Mayor Kimmo Jarva presented some examples of successful public-private cooperation.

    A public-private partnership for a heat and power plant

    Owned by forestry company United paper mill (UPM) and Lappeenranta city’s electricity company, Kauvo biomass-CHP-plant produces electricity, district heat and process steam. Investment decision from industry and city were made based on sound business planning. Power plant uses residues from the forest industry residues and other biomass. Kauvo is a central part of Lappeenranta energy strategy. It is sustainable, cost effective and secure and an excellent example of sustainable large scale project that is beneficial to both industry and city.

    New partnerships for innovative green technologies

    The city has been quite active in supporting companies and research institutions looking for new cooperation opportunities. This was the case of Wimao’s pilot plant, that manufactures waste thanks to a new patented technology, but also of Kivisalmi pumping station, that improves water quality at Lake Pien-Saimaa thanks to a permanent magnet motor technology developed by the LUT and manufactured by the company Axco-Motors. Lappeenranta is also running a 4,2 million € EU funded project with several companies where geopolymer composite material is made out of local industrial side streams.

    Lappeenranta has received several international and national recognitions, for example nomination for climate capital of Finland on 2014 and 2016 from WWF. Currently, the city is competing in the European Green Leaf Award 2020.

    More information at http://greenreality.fi/en